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24/06/2024 20:36:39 : Welcome

When You Need To Reach The Right Target Market, You Need To Start Receiving High Quality Targeted Traffic.

Why HitsTarget?

After join you will be able to reach your target in many different ways, it is guaranteed your site will be seen. Just choose inside your member area what suits you the best:
  • Manual Traffic Exchange, 10 sec timer, 2:1 ratio
  • Banner Exchange
  • Text Advertisements
  • Solo E-mails

Join now and get your free signup bonuses:
  • 1 Solo Ad
  • 50 Credits
  • 200 Banner Ad Impressions
  • 500 Text Ad Impressions

Additional benefits
  • Reserve the first page for a full day
  • Use Link Trackers with statistic
  • Surfing Bonuses
  • Contests for great rewards
  • Commissions up to 2 levels deep

We give our free members a very fair 2:1 surfing ratio which means for every 2 websites you view, you get 1 visitor to your site.